Flowers For Algernon

Study Guide- Progress Report 17

1. Why doesn’t Charlie want to do mazes and tests anymore?
Because he has fallen back to his original state of mentalness. He just can't figure them out.
2. What is the theme of the novel?
Mistreatment of the Mentally Disabled
3. What did Charlie lose that he had before the operation?
His willing to care and to learn new stuff.
4. Why was Charlie mean to Alice?
He doesn't want her to suffer but at the same time he just doesnt know why he is mean to her all the time know.
5. What happens to Charlie’s writing at the end of the book?
It slowly goes back to his original writing. Really crappy.
6. What is Charlie most concerned about forgetting and why?
How his family was, his real friends and Alice.
7. Is Charlie glad he had the operation? Why?
Because he got to full fill his dream of becoming smart and all though he did not get to keep it forever he was very happy with how it lasted.
8. Do you think it was a good thing that Charlie had the operation? Why or why not?
Yes i think if they made a couple more tweaks with the operation to make it perminte it would solve a lot of problems in the world today.