Flowers For Algernon

Study Guide- Progress Reports 11-12

1. Why hasn’t Charlie noticed how beautiful Miss Kinnian is before?
Because he didnt have any emotional feelings towards girls or people before the operation.
2. Why does Charlie say he hates Miss Kinnian more than anyone before?
Because she is the one that kicks him out of the class because he is being mean and is smarter than anyone else in the class.
3. What do you think Charlie is afraid of? How does his dream relate to that fear?
To do something wrong and get beat like he did when he was a kid. Because he is beaten when he is attracted to his sister but he doesnt know any better so he might think that he will get beat if he trys to get with Miss. Kinnian.
4. Charlie doesn’t want to believe Gimpy is stealing even though it is obviously true. What discoveries have you made in your life that you refused to accept at first?
That my parents lied to me when i was a little kid because they told me santa was a real.
5. Do you agree with Nemur, Strauss, or Charlie about telling Mr. Donner?
6. How is the way in which others treat Charlie as a very intelligent man similar to the way he was treated before the operation?
They dont know if they believe him because they dont know if he was just playing around the whole time. They are confused because they dont know that Charlie got the operation.
7. What does Charlie realize about college professors?
That they are smart, but at the same time they are not as smart as Charlie. He thinks they are dumb because he is so damn smart.
8. Who is the boy Charlie saw?
The one that he saw in his dream.
9. Why did Charlie get fired? Who was the “delegation”?
He really got fired because they didn't know what to think when he became smart all of a sudden and knew how to do everything. So all the workers are mad because he is succeeding in everything he does. The delegation said he was not coroporating with the other workers.
10. What argument does Fanny Birden make about the moral implications of the operation? Do you agree with her? Why or why not?
That it is not right to alter someones life by doing something like this. It is against gods ways, he wasn't made this way so they need to keep it that way. I agree some what, but this operation can change everything and help out society a lot!
11. According to Charlie, how can language be a barrier? How can it be a pathway?
It is a barrier because you can't understand what other people are saying, or writing. But if you know a lot it helps with communicating with other people around the world.
12. Why does Charlie dream that the bride and groom on the cake laugh at him?
Because he is retarded before the operation and he is in that present time that way so he sees the changes and his mistakes.
13. Describe Charlie’s relationship with his sister.
It was really weird when he was a kid. He spyed on her, got turned on by her, but at the same time he just wanted to have fun and play.
14. How does Alice really feel about Charlie’s operation? How can you tell?
She doesn't like it, she is kinda mad and doesn't like the fact that he is different.
15. What does Alice point out to Charlie that, no matter how intelligent you are, no one can ever know? Do you agree with her? Why or why not?
What it was like to be when he was a kid. I do agree with her because he will never have his early child hood back.
16. What drives Charlie to go prowling late at night?
He likes to see what it is like at night out in the big city. He is interested in everything and how it all works
17. Compare and contrast Charlie before the operation to the woman in the park.
If it was before he probably would of just said hi at the most. But after the operation he is taken for sex but refuses and discusses her problems and sutff.
18. Why does Charlie treat the woman in the park the way he does?
He just doesn't know anybetter, but he thinks she has made a mistake.