Flowers For Algernon

Study Guide- Progress Reports 7-8

1. How was Charlie’s operation “like a show”?
He is rolled in to a big room with tall walls, and the all the doctors are around him wearing gloves and mask.
2. What has changed about Charlie’s writing?
He is starting to write better, his spelling is slowly improving.
3. Do you think the operation was a success? Why?
I think that Charlie's operation has been successful so far. He has beating the mouse 8 times in the maze. Charlie think it is not working because he thinks that there is suppose to be an immediate change and make him smart. But the doctors have said that he has improved daily.
4. Do you agree with Hilda? Why or why not?
I some what agree with her. She is right that in this day of age we make to many changes to our lives, god made us one way we should be happy with it. But i think that making improvements to someones mental ability would be a great success and help to everyone.
5. Why do you think Charlie got a new nurse?
Hilda was moved because she was talking to Charlie to much about her religous views. This made Charlie think that the operation was a bad thing for him and he should of never done it.
6. How does Charlie feel about Algernon at the beginning of Progress Report 8?
He feels that the experiment did not work at all and he just can not beat Algernon at the maze.
7. How has the operation affected Charlie’s attitude?
He is getting frustrated with the operation because he is expecting an immediate result. But it will take a while to get smarter and smarter.
8.Why do you think the operation has to be a secret?
They do not want protesters against the test. They don't want people to know if the test fail because the people that sponsored the operation could become very mad that they wasted all that money on nothing.
9. What is Charlie’s attitude about people who laugh at him?
He thinks that the people that laugh at him are his good friends. But in actuality most of the time they are just making fun of him.
10. Why does Charlie miss the bakery?
He misses the backery because that is when he got to interact with other people that treated him some what equal. He also would think of them as his friends.
11. What is ironic about Joe’s comment about the operation?
He says that they put more brains in to where there was none. He actually kind of gained some more use of his brain by remembering more stuff and becoming smarter.
12. What does it mean to “pull a Charlie Gordon”?
To be a retard, or do something dumb that Charlie would do.
13. Why did Charlie almost not go to school at Beekman College? Explain why this was not a good reason to avoid education.
He has giving up on this getting smarter operation. He feels like it was not worth it to not tell anyong, and not getting smarter at all. Charlie is expecting an immediate result of getting smarter. He shouldn't give up because it takes a while to get smarter. He has to have patients and willingness to learn to make it a success.
14. Why doesn’t Charlie know what the word subconscious means even after looking it up in the dictionary?
Charlie doesn't understand it because he doesn't understand what the other words in the definition mean that describe subconscious.
15. Why did the guys from the bakery ask Charlie along? How did they treat him when he was there?
It was so they had someone to make fun of. Also when they did make fun of Charlie he didn't get mad he just thought that they were laughing with him. They treated him horrible, he is mentally handicapped and they are making fun of him. They are bunch of douche bags.
16. How did Charlie feel when he beat Algernon? Why?
He felt like he accomplished something big, he was very excited with what he did. He wanted to keep on playing Algernon in the maze because he won 8 times already. He was happy because it showed that the operation might of helped some and that he has lost to Algernon every time but know he has beating him finally.
17. What does Charlie’s wish for Robinson Crusoe reveal about himself?
He wants to know if there is someone else on the island because he has a picture with his family. So there must be someone out there.